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Translate - Missing Stings

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Is there anything new yet? OK, the last update already included some missing strings. Thank you. But unfortunately there are still some strings missing.


- Topics
- Posts

- Min Allowed Size is
- Max Allowed Size is
- Server "upload_max_filesize" is
- Server "post_max_size" is

- Redirect after login
- Redirect after registration
- Redirect after subscription confirmation

- Grey
- Colored

- approved
- unapproved

- Search Phrases

- In the table above (Usergroups) you can see the list of all available forum Usergroups. The first column of this table displays selected User Roles which are synched mit certain Usergroup. However some User Roles are still not synced mit any Usergroup of your forum. You can find not-synced User Roles in the table below (User Roles). If you use any of these not-synced User Roles and you want to grant some forum accesses to users of these User Roles you should create new Usergroups for each of them. Once new Usergroup is created, you should use the [Synchronize] button in the table above to synchronize User Roles mit new Usergroups.

- Search Members
- active
- inactive

- wpForo theme files contain the markup and template structure for frontend of your forum. Theme files can be found within the /wpforo/themes/ directory, in current active theme folder, for example /classic/. You can edit these files in an upgrade-safe way using overrides. For example, copy the certain or all files of /classic/ folder into a folder within your current active WordPress theme named /wpforo/, keeping the same file structure.
- Example: To override the "Topic List" template file of the Extended (#1) forum layout, copy according file: plugins/wpforo/themes/classic/layouts/1/topic.php to themes/yourtheme/wpforo/layouts/1/topic.php
- The copied file will now automatically override the wpForo default theme file. All changes in this file will not be lost on forum update.
- Do not edit these files within the core plugin itself as they are overwritten during the upgrade process and any customizations will be lost.
- Author:
- URI:

- Mute Mentioning Emails
- Edit Account Information
- Edit User in Dashboard
- Followers
- Following
- Favored
- Received Dislikes

- Total Posts:
- Bookmarks
- Likes
- Dislikes
- No posts found for this member.

- Forum Jump

wpForo Private Messages

- Personal Messages
- Total PM Count
- PM Database Size
- Most Active Personal Message Senders

- Private Messages

- Attach file:
- Maximum allowed
- is
- Are you sure you want to turn off email notifications for this conversation?
- Turn on email notification
- Are you sure you want to turn on email notifications for this conversation?

- User Groups
- Select usergroups if you want to send private messages simultaneously to all users of that usergroups.
- Hold the CTRL key and click the items in a list to choose them. Click all the items you want to select. They don't have to be next to each other.

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How I understood you have changed your WordPress Language from Dashboard > Settings > General > Site Languages, and there are wpForo Phrases left in the Dashboard which hadn't been translated. 

For translating Dashboard Phrases you need to use loco as you won't find those phrases in wpForo Phrase Admin Page.

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The missing texts can also not be read out with Loco. These must first be programmed in the source code so that it works.

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