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Having Issues with embedding files in my forum on wordpress  

Richard Brennan
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Joined: 1 year ago

Hi Guys


Hoping you can help.


I have a single license for the embeds add in and it was working great for quite some time. In the last day or so I now get a very strange result when I attempt to  attach a file to a forum post.

When I select the button 'Choose File' I am able to see my media files that I want to choose from and once selected the 'no files chosen' is noted next to the Choose File button


If I select the 'Choose a files or drag and drop it here' function if I scroll to the bottom of the web page I get a series of images including the one I selected using the 'Choose File' button option. and the listing is very distorted and unlike anything I have experienced before.



Do you guys know how to address this. Any solution would be greatly appreciated.





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Support Team
Joined: 3 years ago

Hi @ats118765gmail-com,

It seems the version of the wpForo Advanced Attachments addon is too old. Please note the wpForo 1.8.x versions are not compatible with old versions of addons. Please update addons right after the wpForo update and delete all caches. In case you your license key is expired and you cannot update addons, we recommend do not update wpForo or just renew your addons license keys.

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