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Hello everyone, I’d like some help.

I’m having a big issue on my forum. Everytime someone comments on any topic, it delays a lot of time for the comment to be appeared. My users are complaining because they want to interact in real time, not wait for 10 minutes to see the comments.

Could you guys gimme a light?!

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Hi @romulittle,

Do the topics go to moderation? If yes, please read this article:

If there is another problem, please register some testing user and send the user's login details to info[at] email address to allow us to check the issue. 

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Hi, thank you for the reply.

I did everything that is on the post but unfortunately it didn't work :/

I did a test now, I commented on a topic, but the comment didn't appear.

I logged off and then logged in and now the comment appeared. I am not sure, but do you think Askimet could be interfering somehow?

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Do you have any cache plugins? If yes, deactivate those plugins and check again. 

I'd also recommend to deactivate the plugins one by one and check after each deactivation to find the problem maker plugin. 

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I tried deactivating some cache plugins. Now everything is all right.
I really appreciate your help.

I just have another question. Does WPForo support disqus comment section or WPDiscuz? I mean, I’d like to have a comment section on my blog just like there is on disqus channels. Or maybe use WPDiscuz... Both have some interesting features like live comments updating, upvote and downvote and it’s very ease to use.
Please let me know if it’s possible.

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wpDiscuz is from gVectors, too. So wpForo supports wpDiscuz, with this plugin:

I think it doesn't work with Disqus, because the scripts are hosted by Disqus and not by WordPress for the comments.

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