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What happens to all of us who have older addons?

Member Customer

Hey guys,

I hope you are all well and healthy.

Just updated the forum plugin to the latest and read that the old plugins are no longer supported due to you having strengthened / cleaned the code of the base wpforo plugin.

However i just want to know what happens to me and others like me who purchased that may or may not know that when you buy an addon you can only use it for a year? And it's not as if its just the auto updates that finish or support finishes you just cant download newer versions.

What i am basically saying is what happens to the 60 dollars i used to purchase these addons now that you have decided to clean/strengthen/improve? Do they become plugin paperweights now?

I appreciate you have the same pricing strategy as Elementor, but i can not see them saying to all there millions of user, 'hey we have just updated our core and all your are going to fail' thanks and good luck

Im guessing they would offer a gratuitous one time download for those who have purchased the aaddon or products to bring them over to the new framework or code structure etc.

I just checked the support and have not seen you mention anything about providing this as customers who have invested in your product at some point or another?


Did i miss it or something?


Kindest Regards



Topic starter Posted : 22/07/2020 7:55 pm
Support Team Admin

Hi @mickyblu82,

Thank you for the question.

As you know the price you've paid was only for one year subscription. The price cannot support you lifetime, this is a regular situation. There is no any product that can support you lifetime for one payment. All web businesses are based on subscriptions, so you pay every year to get support for that year or for other X period. This is the base of online and even not-online businesses. The main plugin (wpForo) is actively developed and improved every day, so the time comes when your old addon cannot be compatible with current version. For example:

  • The wpForo Polls is 100% not compatible with wpForo 1.8.x versions.
  • The old Advanced Attachment can be still used with 1.8.x versions, but some feature will not be available, for example the Attachments Menu in Dashboard.
  • The old wpForo Embeds addon should be 99% compatible. There maybe some style issues on the front-end.
  • The old Emoticons can also be used on the front-end.
  • The Cross-Posting and some other addons should be also affected a little


So we've not cut old addons with current version, some of them may be still used with some issues. There is no way to keep wpForo core the same forever. The plugin should be improved and as a result some addon should be updated. This is a standard situation and this is happening with all plugins. Again with 100% all plugins, there is no other way of plugin development.

In conclusion, I want to say we have 30% discount for returning customers, so you can renew the addons which are affected mostly. Just login with your customer account before going to checkout page. For more discounts please contact us via support[at]


Posted : 23/07/2020 4:03 pm
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