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[Solved] wpDiscuz shows the YouTube link and doesn't embed video

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If a visitor posts a YouTube link in a comment only the link is shown and the video doesn't embed. 

I have the wpDiscuz Media Uploader Addon.

Is there a setting I missed? You can view the comment at:

Thank you!


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Hi Stefan,

wpDiscuz Media Uploader is a file attachment plugin. It allows attaching multiple files, images, videos, audio and all other file types you’ve allowed in settings.

The wpDiscuz Embeds addon is designed as a core post content replacer. It checks content provider URLs and replaces to content provider view (video, audio players, social network widgets, etc..).

wpDiscuz  Embeds is a 3rd party URL (Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.) embed-er addon.

wpDiscuz Media Uploader:



wpDiscuz Embeds:



BTW, could you please provide your order number? Your account doesn't have [customer] label.

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@astgh Thank you! I forgot about the Embeds addon. It's all working fine now.

I realize I used a different email adres. My order number is 38886. 


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