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[Solved] Google ReCaptcha Not Working  

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Hi, I've been a wpDiscuz comment form user for a while (works great, love it). Because of spam, today I purchased the Google reCaptcha add on.

It won't work. I get "invalid captcha code."

I've set it up with my Google account and copy/past the site/secret keys. I'm using it with the v2Checkbox.

I am not technical, so plugins are the way to go for me. I read thru other topics about the codes not working and have zero idea what "curl page" is. Also, I am a Mac user so there are no "press cntrl 5" options. etc.

Please let me know what I need to provide to you to get some assistance. Thank you.


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Hi MurryG81,

As far as I see the issue is already solved.ย