Adjust colors of the advanced attachments pop-up window ?  

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Dear support,

I am trying to adjust my WPFORO theme colors.

I would like to use the dark theme as provided by wpforo Settings ->  Styles -> Dark

So the theme background will be dark and the fonts should be bright.

Now If I want to attach an attachment in a post using the advanced attachments, I can't read the text...

Apparently, dark theme settings are not correct/compatible with the advanced attachments addon.

Text Not Readable attachments

Can you advise me how to solve this? Is there some custom CSS I need to add in the WPFORO Settings ->  Styles custom css field ?

Thank you for your great work on WPFORO and it's addons 😉

Kind regards,

Mabula Haverkamp - Aries Productions

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Hi @mabula635,

Here is one solution provided by Robert. 


Another solution you can use the following CSS code: 

#wpfa_dialog {
background: #b8b8b8;

#wpfa_dialog #wpfa_dialog_items .wpfa-dialog-item-row:nth-child(odd) {
background-color: #7a7878;

Don't forget to change red marked color codes before using.  Also please delete all caches and press CTRL+F5 on the forum frontend.