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WpForo Ads Manager Ad Adding Error

Caelan Cheesman
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I keep getting an Ad Adding Error. I have asked my hosting support to make sure the wp_wpforo_ads table exists in database. Use Hosting Service cPanel > phpMyAdmin database manager tool. If this table doesn't exist, please execute this given SQL.

However, my support replied:

Our servers have the MyISAM database storage engine so we suggest you get in contact with the plugin provider and ask them if they can replace the DB engine settings in the plugin's config file and set it to MyISAM instead of InnoDB.

Is this something you could possibly help me with.

Many thanks.

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We don't recommend you use MyISAM. It makes wpForo works slower.

There are many reasons why we use InnoDB. First of all, InnoDB can keep up with large amounts of requests easier than locking the entire table for each one. So if there are more then many online users on your forum it's not recommended to use the MyISAM.You can find more info here:

There are many advantages to why it's better to use InnoDB. 

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