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[Closed] Integration addons are not included in the bundle (BuddyPress, User Notifications, Tenor GIFs, Giphy Integration)

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We've started working on some popular plugins integration addons, such as BuddyPress, Elementor, WooCommerce, wpForo, Gif services, Voice commenting API's, User Web Push Notifications etc... Two of them are already released

These addons and all future integration addons will not be included in the regular Addons Bundle. The Addons Bundle doesn't include addons which require other plugin or 3rd party service to be installed and used.

In other words the integration addons require specific 3rd party solutions, like BuddyPress, Tenor,  Elementor, WooComemrce, Voice API's and so on. They'll not be added in the bundle, otherwise the bundle price could be increased and people will have to pay for something that they don't use. This is why we keep separate all integration addons and let people chose whether they want to pay for the specific integration or not.

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