wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration

This is the most professional approach to integrate wpDiscuz comment system with BuddyPress user profile builder plugin. It includes notifications, activities, profile tabs and more. All actions of the comment section will generate notifications in the users profile system. For example “new reply to my comment”, “my comment is upvoted”, “someone started following me”, “my comment is approved”, and more… Users will have lots of options to manage their subscriptions, “in-site” and email notifications. New comments and votes will be displayed in the BuddyPress activity stream. Users will have a new tab called Discussions in their profile page. This tab opens seven sub-tabs: Comments, Reactions, Rates, Subscriptions, Votes, Following, Followers. Each sub-tab contains complete information about the user activity in the comment section and lets him/her to manage them in the one place. In addition, it comes with a tool to import all previous comments and likes to the activity stream.

Official wpDiscuz Addon

Please note: this is an add-on for wpDiscuz plugin. This addon requires at least wpDiscuz 7.2.0 version. Please do not install this addon on lower wpDiscuz versions. wpDiscuz is a free, AJAX controlled, real time, flexible and responsive commenting plugin. It's available for free download on WordPress.org Extensions directory. The official wpDiscuz addons are only available here at gVectors.com Premium plugins store.

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wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration addon is a full-fledged solution to combine and synchronize the comment system powered by wpDiscuz with the user profile system built by BuddyPress plugin. It includes notifications, activity streams, profile tabs, settings and more…


Almost all kind of activities in the comment section generate “in-site” and email notification. All notifications go to the BuddyPress notification system and to the corresponding profile tab. Here is the full list of integrated notifications:

  • Someone votes my comment
  • Someone follows me
  • Someone rated my post
  • My comment is approved
  • Someone replied to my comment
  • Someone commented on my post
  • Someone mentioned me
  • New comment on subscribed post
  • New comment by followed user

All these notifications are also ready to be sent via emails. This addon allows users to manage them in the new Notifications > Settings Sub-tab. They can choose either see them on the website or receive them via email, or both. Each notification can be configured separately.

Profile Tabs

The activity of users in the comment sections of your website is moved to Users Profile Page. Users are able to see and manage comments, reactions, subscriptions, post rates, and more directly in their profile tabs. This addon creates Discussion tab with seven sub-tabs:

  • Comments – All comments of the profile owner in one place
  • Reactions – All comments liked or disliked by the profile owner
  • Rates – Rated posts by the profile owner
  • Subscriptions – Post and comment subscriptions with ‹unsubscribe› buttons
  • Votes – Comments which have been liked or disliked by other users
  • Following – Users list followed by the profile owner with ‹unfollow› buttons
  • Followers – Users list following the profile owner

Activity Stream

All new comments, replies, comment likes and dislikes will generate corresponding activity entries in ByddyPress Activity Stream. All activities will be displayed in the general activity page and in the profile activity tab filtered by the profile owner. If you had many comments and comment votes before the BuddyPress and wpDiscuz installation you can simply import old activities into the activity stream using the Activity Importer tool provided by this addon. The tool is located in Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Tools admin page.

Dashboard Settings

Almost every piece of the addon is configurable in the addon settings page. All phrases can be changed and translated. You can find the addon settings in Dashboard  > wpDiscuz > Settings > BuddyPress Integration Tab:


Installation and Configuration

  • This addon installs like any other plugin for WordPress.
    Access to wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration addon is provided immediately after you’ve paid for your order. Upon completing registration/checkout, you may log in at gVectors.com. We will also email you after registration/checkout, with a link to the login page. Then download the installation package.
  • Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New admin page and upload addon ZIP file, then activate it.
  • Once the plugin is active, go to Dashboard > wpDiscuz > Settings > Addons Tab > BuddyPress Integration subTab to begin configuration…
  • It’ll ask you to activate with license key you got via email or in your account page, just insert the key and activate it.

If for some reason you cannot install this plugin using WordPress plugin upload system please do that with this alternative way. Unzip, and then upload the /wpdiscuz-buddypress-integration/ folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory using an FTP application like FileZilla; or any other FTP program is fine also. Make sure you have not double /wpdiscuz-buddypress-integration/wpdiscuz-buddypress-integration/ directories nested inside each other, please correct this before you continue. Then in WordPress, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins, and then activate the wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration addon.


Profile Tabs




Fixed: Deprecated function call “bp_core_get_user_domain”
Fixed: BuddyPress’s “bp_comments_pre_query” invalid argument count


Fixed: Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback


Added: compatibility with php8


Fixed: Compatibility with BuddyPress hooks.


Fixed Bug: Some small issues.


Added: shortcode for adding new link to notification page in email content.


Added: Delete button in Comments tab


Added: New phrases for grouped notification


Initial version

Pre Sale Support

1 month 29 days ago

I like how well documented the plugin is, especially how many screenshots you made to showcase the features (many other plugins do not do that) 😉
My question:
BuddyBoss shows for some notifications a small icon next to the avatar in the menu (notification) dropdown. I checked your screenshots and I cannot see any small icon for the notifications coming from your plugin – have you in the meantime added small icons to the notifications? Or is it in planning by any chance?

Would be great to have a consistent notification system for improved user experience 🙂

1 month 27 days ago

Hi Fabian,

Please note that the wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration addon is intended for use with the BuddyPress plugin, not BuddyBoss.

3 months 23 days ago

I am planning to purchase the wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration for 1 Site $49.00 and maybe in 3 months I want to buy the Addons Full Bundle $190. do you let me upgrade from the wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration plugin to the Full Bundle for the diference in price? 190.00 – $49.00 = $141.00?

3 months 23 days ago

Please contact us via support[at]gvectors.com email address.

Petsas Chrys
7 months 15 days ago

Hi. I would like to know if the Buddypress Integration has a media (star) rating system or it is just for the activity post. Also, how can i sort for example best rated media/posts? Is there a top10 shortcode or block to insert to a page?

7 months 14 days ago

Hi Petsas Chrys,
We’re really sorry but wpDiscuz – BuddyPress Integration doesn’t have the features you’ve mentioned. The list of features it’s adding you can find here, in the product description area.

1 year 11 months ago

Hi, is it possible to make the profile tab public so others can see like, followers etc

2 years 6 days ago

Hi, how will this work with buddypress followers, if a user follows the comments but also follows the profile will it duplicate in notification and activity feed? Also can i disable follower and following as it would duplicate with buddypress followers.i still would like the other notifications abd subscription in the profile

2 years 5 days ago

Hi Nel,

The wpDiscuz BuddyPress Integration addon allows you to disable each notification type you want. So you can disable the User follow type from the addon’s settings.

2 years 26 days ago

This addon is not included in the bundle? Why?

2 years 26 days ago

Hi adclaran,
Please read pinned topic:
The information about addons which are not included in the addon bundle is placed under the [Buy Now] button of the Addon Bundle:

2 years 1 month ago


I would like to allow the user to directly reply to the forum topic by clicking on the comment reply button (https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/25491233?key=5f722a0092c6fc6fb5d7e7dcbf3adce1). Actually, if he clicks on this button he just will be able to commment the activity. It would be great if by clicking he could reply to the topic.

The new link for the comment reply button would be the direct link to reply the topic : https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/25491342?key=6df01354ef860a0351170ced90f89800

Is-it possible with wpdiscuz ?



2 years 1 month ago

Dear Fabien,

I’m really sorry, but wpDiscuz doesn’t have such a feature.

Currently, we have plugin customization and custom addon development services at the gVectors Team. They can assess the work and create it for you. Just contact us via sales[at]gvectors.com email address and send a list of requirements you’d like to have.

2 years 2 months ago

On the screenshot it shows the number of unread notifications on the side bar and on a separate screenshot it shows a bell with the number of unread notifications. Is this part of this extension or is that a buddypress feature? i really want that number on the bell 😎

2 years 2 months ago

Hi Ian,

The appearance of BuddyPress depends on the theme you’re using. We’ve used the theme developed especially for the BuddyPress. It’s called BuddyX. You can find it here: https://wordpress.org/themes/buddyx/

2 years 7 months ago

Does this work with BuddyBoss AND BuddyBoss Theme? Also can I remove the commenting of BuddyBoss and use yours in the place of all BuddyBoss instances? Please give me the developer answer and not the sales answer. I’m hoping so because yours is wayyyy more elegant and just feels better, more professional.

2 years 5 months ago

Hi Bryant,
Yes this addon works with BuddyBoss as well. This addon is designed to display user specific information in the profile tabs and integrate activities, notifications… But you cannot replace the comment form of the BuddyBoss instances, because they are not a regular comment forms, they are custom discussion editors in the activity and other profile pages. wpDiscuz will be available on all other pages and post types.

2 years 2 months ago

As @Bryant indicated above, BuddyBoss would be improved with a wpDiscuz integration to allow it as an OPTIONAL use replacement for their comments. I know companies don’t often like to be interdependent, but such an integration with equitable licensing and IP protection assurances could benefit both companies.

2 years 11 months ago

Hola , se puede restringir para que se registren solo los mayores de 13 años? o en su defecnto solo mayores de 18 años?

2 years 11 months ago

Hi Ruben,

wpDiscuz doesn’t have any relation to registration process. You should find some plugin for this purpose. I’ve found the following article, please check it out: https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-age-verification/

Rohit Sharma
3 years 13 days ago

Really was hoping to have this in the all in one addon bundle.. bummer that i have to get this seperately.. and pretty costly.. as compared to the bundle 🙁

3 years 12 days ago
3 years 17 days ago

Hi! This works well on BuddyBoss platform and theme?

3 years 17 days ago

Hi Pagna,
Yes, it works fine on BuddyBoss platform and theme

3 years 17 days ago

I love this. But are there anything else I can purchase with this as a bundle or pack?

3 years 14 days ago

You’ll get Sale Pack discounts if you’re buying many addons and your total is in Sale Packs amounts: https://gvectors.com/gvectors-store-discounts-sale-packs/

3 years 26 days ago

Does this show activity for all sites on multisite?

3 years 24 days ago

Hi Amit,

Thank you for your interest in the wpDiscuz BuddyPress Integration addon.

Yes, the activity shows for all sites.

Tom - gVectors Team
3 years 1 month ago

Dear buyers,
this is the right place where you can ask all per-sale questions you have, before purchasing this plugin. We’ll be in touch and reply within 1-2 hours for GMT +1 to +12 and within 4-6 hours for GMT -1 to -12. Our support is available 6 days a week from 6am to 10pm (GMT 0:00, London) ; excluding Sundays and all major holidays.

3 years 1 month ago

Is there any way to test this add on before buying?

3 years 1 month ago

Hi canewsforum,
Thank you for your interest in the BuddyPress Integration addon. Please, make sure you’ve checked the [Description] and the [Screenshots] tabs, almost all functions and features are described and showed with screenshots. So you can see what you’ll get. If you still have a question or doubt, please let me know the concern.

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