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Show Comments From Different Pages In A Single Page  


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23/03/2020 11:18 am  

Hi, I really love your plugin. I am wondering is there any way to show the comments from multiple pages on a single page. For example: I have one page for cars, and other page for bikes, these two pages have separate comments section. I want to show the comments from these two pages in the comment section of another page - Vehicles..


Thank You

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23/03/2020 12:47 pm  

Hi @christy,

I'm really sorry, but wpDiscuz doesn't have such a feature. You can use some comments widget or something else to get it resolved. 

Currently, we have plugin customization and custom addon development services at the gVectors Team. They can asses the work and create it for you. Just contact us via sales[at] A"> email address and send a list of requirements you'd like to have.