UPM Plugin Not Generating/Displaying  


Hi folks!

UPM and also WooCommerce Print & PDF look to be a saving grace for me. However, I've been unable to get them to show.

URL: http://www.oximedical.dreamhosters.com/

I'm not much of a developer, more of a Lego builder. HTML/CSS are no problem, but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

I've attempted to place the <?php upm_print() ?>  in the top yellow bar, but for some reason it is not generating any code. I believe it might have something to do with my theme.

I work from a bare bones theme by the name of "Blank Slate". I've tried this plugin on another test site of mine to no avail as well.

I'm not seeing any errors that would lead me to believe there is an issue here in the console. I don't believe this is a CSS issue.

Any help would be deeply appreciated. I would love to use this plugin for our company site, but can't coerce the owner if I can't show its utility.



Hi ShawnOxi,

We'd need admin login details to check all configuration issues and find the problem. Could you please send admin login details to support[at]gvectors.com email address?

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Hi Tom,

I've sent an e-mail as you've requested. I appreciate your expedient response 🙂


We just checked your website.

UPM works well. Here is an example:

You should click on "Remove from Wordfence cache" link for each post you want to see changes.

The WooPP can not work on your website. Your theme is out of all WooCommerce Product "meta" standards. It seems you've changed WooCommerce Single Product "price" and "meta" template files. It doesn't have meta section. The product Meta section is removed. This is the place where WooPP can be loaded. The only way to show WooPP is fixing your WooCommerce Single Product template files. We don't support this kind of changes, you should find and fix it yourself. The main aim should be enabling Product Meta section in template files.


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Hi Tom!

Thank you and your folks for looking into this.

I see that it is working on that page. My employer has asked for some crazy changes and I'll need to look into the meta being implemented again.

From what I'm reading here though, it would be impossible to load something like this into the header.php, correct?


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