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On this page: https://gvectors.com/wpforo-addon-bundles/

I am wondering, can a renew my current license for one site, to the unlimited site access at a discount because I already have loads of add ons and have been using them for many years. 

Also, do I have to renew every year to make sure I get updates? Or does this include unlimited updates? 

Posted : 12/01/2023 9:31 pm
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Hi @percysgrowroom,

I'm sorry, but we cannot change the addon licenses to the bundle license, even for extra payment. There is no license update option in our shop. Your licenses will be expired in nine months, so you can buy the Addon bundle at the end of this year. Addon bundles are also subject to yearly license for future updates, they allow you to install addons on unlimited sites but the addon updates will be stopped in 365 days like all other licenses.

Posted : 17/01/2023 10:38 pm
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