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[Solved] Support for LISTABLE?  


New Member
Joined: 1 year ago
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16/03/2019 3:25 am  

Hi there.  I'm new to wpDiscuz but I'm very impressed.  I'm wondering how to implement wpDiscuz comments on a directory theme like LISTABLE.  Most directory themes a built on top of WP Job Manager which are custom posts.

Any suggestions?

Support Team Admin
Joined: 3 years ago
Posts: 4194
16/03/2019 12:50 pm  

Thank you @airstream345,

Please navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Forms admin page, make sure the comment form is enabled for the custom post types.

More info here:

Also please check the points mentioned in this doc and pay attention to Tip 5:

New Member
Joined: 1 year ago
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19/03/2019 8:04 pm  

Thank you, that worked perfectly!