WPforo is very slow
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WPforo is very slow  


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25/02/2020 4:04 am  

When posting a new topic it is very slow, 4 - 5 seconds. How do I speed this up? I'm using version Version 1.7.0 https://www.vinow.com/wwwtalk/

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25/02/2020 11:41 am  

Hi @vinow,

wpForo is designed to be very fast and work with small and large databases. However, there are many factors that may slow wpForo.Please follow the instruction in this support topic: https://wpforo.com/community/faq/forum-is-slow/

For farther support please register and open a new support topic in the wpForo support Forum. This is the gVectors support forum. Here we only support the wpForo paid add-ons.