3 questions in rega...

3 questions in regards to LOGIN PAGE and AVATAR DISPLAY, and NEW USER PASSWORD SET.  


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10/06/2019 3:27 am  

Hey there I have 2 questions...

1. When I go to: Forums > Settings>  Features>

Replace Login Page URL to Forum Login Page URL ...

This option doesn't work for me and still takes me to the wp-login default page. I have the default login WP widget placed on my website's home page, and I expected to to load the WpForo login page instead of wp-login WHEN A USER ENTER WRONG CREDENTIALS for example .. It doesn't it load wp-login and tells them they have enetered wrong credentials there. However, Replace Registration Page URL to Forum Registration Page URL THAT ONE WORKS FINE FOR ME , just need help with the login plz. 


2. Using elementor I don't see a widget to show logged in user avatar ?! I see other widgets to show Recent Posts, topics, online members and search, keep in mind that for all those widgets there is an option to show avatars of members who posted and online members. I need to be able to show Only the avatar of the logged in member on my home front page, is there anything that will allow me to do so ?


3. When a new user signs up, they get an email to set thier new password, I have tried it myself and created registered an account, got the confirmation email, clikced to on the link to set a new password, it worked but took me to a 404 page not found page after setting the new password ??!! how can prevent this 404 from happening ? 

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Hi @moenagy,

For wpForo plugin support please always use the wpForo.com community. Here we mostly support issues related to wpForo paid add-ons.