Exclusions based on user role/permissions  




I have a feature request.  When it comes to posting a URL I want to be able to apply different rules for different user roles.

For example I don't want a brand new user to be able to post a URL since it could be spam, but a trusted user who has a different role should have no restrictions.

Can you please add this in your next release?  An option to exclude certain user roles from the rule regarding the posting of URLs


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Hi @vectec,

Thank you for this suggestion. Could you please let me no do you use wpForo as a forum plugin? 

If yes, wpForo already has such a feature. wpForo Spam Control has an option to restrict new registered users to to post links and attach files. There is a level (minimum number of posts) they must have to post links.

Yes I am using wpForo but I didn't see this option.   This would be what I'm looking for.   Where is the spam control option I'm not seeing it?





All options for Spam control you can find on Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam admin page.


More info here: https://wpforo.com/community/wpforo-announcements/wpforo-1-2-0-is-released/#post-7905

Great, thank you!   That is just the kind of option I was hoping to have with your forum but I was looking in the forums section and I never checked the tools option.