The plugin Adds strong tags before and after content  



I've purchased your plugin yesterday and i've noticed that it adds two strong html tags that includes the content and it really messes up my design.

What can i do about it?

Thank you in advance.


Also i'm having some issues with most viewed/commented posts option. I've selected to show this stats from the last 30 days, but it shows from the last few months so more than 30 days.

What can i do to remedy this?

Thank you.


Hi Alex,

APSW plugin does not add any HTML tags at all. Also, please make sure that you use the latest version: 2.1.0

And finally if the issue with "viewed/commented posts" does not disappear, please contact us with access data using this email: support[at] having mentioned your name and current topic URL.

I've sent you an email at on december 7th and still didn't get any reply. I've sent one again today, hope to hear from you soon, it is a very important issue for me.


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