Sorting for custom made Shared Pots  




We have created a new tab for my most shared posts by customizing the plugin. Is there any ways that can be sorted from highest to lowest from your end.

Let us know if this can be done with charge.


Username:  Amanda Fisher

Password:  Vvh194!) 

Hi WebSupport,

The URL you've provided doesn't work for us, it keeps loading forever and we only see a white page.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the response.

Please check the below login details. Let me know if these login details doesn't work. And also the time frame to fix this issue and how much it is charged .


Username: Amanda Fisher

Password: Vvh194!)


Hi Tom,

Site takes some time to load. Please check the URL and let us know if the link doesnt load for a min or so. 


I'm sorry but we can't help in this case, all is customized on your website and there are custom codes. Please ask the developer who have customized this plugin for farther support, I'm really sorry but we don't support such cases.