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Hi, I have just purchased and installed the PM plugin.

Is there any option to send a PM to all members of a usergroup as opposed to having to add everyone individually by typing in their username?

This process can be very tedious when PMs needed to be sent frequently to a large number of recipients.

A drop down list of members or the ability to add members to a mailing list or predefined group would be a good option.

I ask because prior to purchasing and installing this plugin, I used a free PM plugin that worked fine. I had thought that the premium plugin from gvectors would have offered a few more benefits other than integration into the profile tab.



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Hi Marc Buck,

We've already added in our to-do list a new feature, that allows forum admins to send a private message to the current usergroup, e.g. the website admin will be able to send PM all customers or moderators. 

For now, you can create a new group conversation, the private message add-on provides AJAX powered members loading system. 

wpForo Private Messages AJAX User Search Field
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