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changing font and icon colors only on PM plugin  

Raymond Hague
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Joined: 11 months ago


I recently purchased a few plugins for wpforo and it looks like the PM addon doesn't have its own styling like wpforo has and it shares some of its css from what I can tell. I would like to change only the text color and icon colors and not change anything else on the site. What would I need to change in the colors.css to have those colors be #e0e0e0? See attached image, for the areas that I am trying to change. thanks.

pm styling issue
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Support Team
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Hi @raymond-hague,

You should use the CSS code below. The code should be added in the Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles > "Custom CSS Code" textarea:

.wpfpm-msg p, .wpfpm-main i, .wpfpm-cfi-top{
color: #e0e0e0 !important;

Please don't forget to delete all caches and press Ctrl+F5 (twice) on the forum frontend before checking to reload the updated CSS file.