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[Solved] Old attachments disappearing  

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When I go to old threads that I attached images to, they don't display. But when I edit the post to see what the html is, the [attach ] #number [/ attach] is still there.

Is this a common problem? 

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Also how do I get this button in the red box on my website?

Only the "attach files" appears.

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We see you've marked the topic as solved. Please let us know is it solved or not. If the
issue isn't solved please follow the steps below:

1. Please make sure you're using wpForo 1.7.0 version

2. Then please make sure you've updated wpForo Advanced Attachment to latest 2.0.1 version

3. Once you update please go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page and click on the [Delete All Caches] button.