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Not working with Wp rocket / Cache issues  


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26/12/2019 12:19 am  

Hi! I do love the plugin, but it is not working with many cache plugins. I'm using wprocket right now and everytime i login through a social network i have to refresh the page once connected to be able to see my gravatar and post a comment. 

I would like to use wpdiscuz but exclude the plugin from my cache system. I saw a lot of topics about cache issues and i'm wondering if wpdiscuz will create other problems related to cache such as non-visible comments in real-time (i'll have to refresh everytime) etc. 

I know i have to exclude js-files, pages url etc from cache, but i would like to know which files to exclude and which pages url. Thanks a lot

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26/12/2019 11:53 am  

Hi @gnbpodcast,

You should exclude:


It'd be better if you exclude the whole js folder from the WP Rocket plugin settings. 

As far as I know the right way exclude URL is:


But I'm not so sure. 

I've found the following article it should be helpful for you.