Isn't RTL  




The translate is good but Unfortunately it isn't Right to Left and isn't perfect for RTL sites

Please make it RTL too

Thank you very much



Hi sammmm,

First please specify what plugin you mean. And please make sure your WordPress language is set the correct language in Dashboard > Settings admin page. If it's still English or other LTR language plugins will not load RTL specific Style. All our plugins support RTL.


It isn't RTL !

The  woodiscuz-frontend.css file has :

wpc-comment-text{ text-align:left;

code that doesn't change in site!!

I changed it to :

wpc-comment-text{ text-align:right;

and saved but the site doesn't change !

I used Inspect of browser but it shows that the file isn't change

I deleted the woodiscuz-frontend.css but the plugin hasn't changed and works too !

I confused

what should I do ?!!!



It Solved, the phrase should put in theme style end


BTW you've opened WooDiscuz support topic in wpDiscuz forum so I didn't follow you.