Media Uploader: Twitter url does not embed with a prefix of "mobile"  


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04/01/2019 1:20 pm  

I'm using the Media Uploader add-on.  Any url with mobile.twitter.... instead of twitter....won't embed

Example:  This will not embed, it just stays as a link:

Example:  This embeds properly:

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05/01/2019 9:14 am  

Hi arrowheadguys,

The addon is based on oEmbed functions, which don't support other type of Twitter links. There is a single regular time of embedding tweets and you should only use them. I'm really sorry but the mobile URLs cannot be embedded in comments.

You'll not be able to embed mobile link in WordPress system too. The WordPress editor also doesn't allow mobile embeds. The mobile URLs of tweets are not designed for embedding.

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