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12/01/2017 4:22 am  

Hello. I have the same problem like here: http://gvectors.com/forum/how-to-and-troubleshooting/wpdiscuz-with-snap/

I´m using wpDiscuz and SNAP (Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto Poster). SNAP import comments from Facebook for my blog, but there are no avatars in these comments.



If I deactivate wpDiscuz plugin and use native wordpress comments - all is ok, the avatars for comments imported from Facebook are shown. But if I activate wpDiscuz plugin  - they hide. Have you an issue for this problem? Thank you.

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12/01/2017 11:22 am  

HI Vladimir,

This is a plugin conflict, they incompatible with each other, one of them should be deactivated.

I'm sorry but we don't support this plugin yet. I'll let you know once we found some free time-frame to look at this problem.

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