"no results found" when a subscriber clic on a button in the home page  


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22/03/2019 6:38 pm  


I have a problem with ultimate member.

Everything is going very well for subscriber registration (my site is completely private).
The registration of these subscribers gives them access to the entire site and all pages without restriction.
But when a subscriber clicks on a button in the home page to go to the desired page, he falls on "no results found". While with the admin account, it is ok, no problem for accessing the pages.
I do not know why. If you have an idea. Thank you.

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23/03/2019 12:45 pm  

Hi @switch28,

At first please let us know that button do you mean? Please register some new user and send the user's login details to info[at]gvectors.com email address, to allow us to check the issue.