How to allow ex-members to delete their old comments  


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25/03/2019 11:32 pm  

I have a membership program on my site for paying members. I only want paying members to be able to comment.  So far, the way I accomplish this is I create a custom user role and assign that role to my new members.  I then limit comment to only paying member roles.  This gives them the ability the comment.


However, when a membership expires, how do I allow ex-members to delete comments that they made when they were paying members?  It seems that if a user is able to comment, they also have the freedom to delete.  However, if a user is logged in, but no longer a paying member, they cannot comment any longer but ALSO lose the right of erasure.  Is there any way to give ex-member users that right?

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26/03/2019 12:10 pm  

Hi @janelledement,

At first, you should display the "My Content and Settings" option. In order to display it you should navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Settings > Comment Form tab, make sure the "Hide My Content and Settings button" is disabled. 

This will allow users to delete their own comments whenever they like. More info here:

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27/03/2019 4:33 pm  

Hi @Astghik , thank you for your response! I have this button displaying for my members, yes. The problem is, for users who are not allowed to comment but could comment before when their subscription was still running; so ex-members who are logged in, but unable to comment. How do I show this button to them?  Even though they are not members anymore, I want to give them to right to erase old comments.  It seems that even if this button is enabled, it only displays when the user is also ~able~ to comment.  

Thanks in advance for any additional help on this you could add.

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