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changing user from subscriber to customer

Member Customer

Changing user from subscriber to customer causes our site some problems, i couldn't track it down so had our developer on it last night. It turns out its user's role, when i bulk upgrade people from subscriber to customer ( when they are just new & have not posted anywhere )  when they become customer & forum shuts down or won't load for them - it is like you see the header & footer & nothing in between ( like the plugin is de-activated )....

Our site I've been building is a private forum for graduates, there are 4.9 million graduates around the world , if people are bit hesitant they won't come & won't spread the word, so we want anyone registered we want them able to see & do most things without limitations, after a month or 2 with graduates signing up & posting we will revert it back to min 5 posts to do things . is this possible ? what options do i have if we want everyone who first registers to go straight to "customer" ??

we might actually request a quote in the future for some addons/ work once we have lots of graduates on the site, as we want this platform to above & beyond anything that is out there. I have seen this listed here for anyone who wants more features. 

I love wpforo forum , but it has its limitations in areas . would love to really be open source.

Topic starter Posted : 02/10/2019 5:55 am
Support Team Admin

Hi @rixbea,

Sorry for the late response.

If the developers directly updated user usergroups from subscribers to the customer from database tables, you'll need to navigate to Dashboard > Forum > Dashboard admin page and rebuild churches. The action requires cache rebuilding.

what options do i have if we want everyone who first registers to go straight to "customer" ??

Yes, you'll just need to click on the "Set as default" button next to the "Customer" usergroup.

Set as default


Posted : 04/10/2019 4:44 pm
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