Idea: Facebook-style comments  


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06/01/2018 1:02 am  

Here's a product suggestion: on the index pages (like the category page, tag page, and homepage) it would be great show show the recent comments for each blog post. Sort of how like Facebook shows the two or three most recent comments right under the post. 

Currently, to see the comments, a user has to click on the individual blog post, and then scroll down. The interaction gets a bit buried. 

How do we get more interaction through comments? Bring them right up onto the homepage under each post. 🙂 Facebook is really smart, they figured out this is a key way of increasing engagement on the posts on their site. It would be great to have this Facebook-like engagement on our own blogs. 

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06/01/2018 2:05 pm  

Hi  mattmaldre,

Thank you for this suggestion. We'll take this under consideration. Listing recent comments under post list is easy, but it's hard to load multiple comment forms on category page. Probably we'll only list comments without allowing to post a reply, once they click on reply button they'll be redirected to the post page. I'll discuss this with our team and let you know.