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Harvest Crittenden
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Hi, bought the wpForo Embeds add on today. Love the capabilities that it is adding to my online class forum. I have a question. When an instructor has answered a student's homework and is uploading the corrected image, is there anyway to NOT post the original images that were posted? It makes a gallery of double images, the corrected ones and the original one. 

Thanks for letting me know if this can be done and how. 

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Ho @acorn-arts,

Thank you for contacting us. 

Do you mean the wpForo Advanced Attachments addon? To tell the truth, I don't follow you well. It'd be easy for us to understand the issue if you provide us some screenshots. 

Please see the difference between the wpForo Embeds and wpForo Advanced Attachments addons. 

The wpForo Embeds addon is designed as a core post content replacer. It checks content provider URLs and replaces to content provider view (video, audio players, social network widgets, etc..).

wpForo Embeds is a 3rd party URL (Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.) embed-er addon.

wpForo Advanced Attachments is a file attachment plugin. It allows attaching multiple files, images, videos, audio and all other file types you’ve allowed in settings. 

wpForo Advanced Attachments:





wpForo Embeds:





Harvest Crittenden
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I'm sorry, I wasn't very clear in my message. I purchased the Advanced Attachments add on. I love the ability to upload more than one photo at a time and have them appear inline. Thank you very much for the product. I run online art classes and it is perfect for allowing students to attach several pages of their homework. Our instructors download their homework, make corrections, and then upload it in a reply to the original post. The images come out very clearly. But what is happening is that the original images from the students also show up in the instructors reply, so we are getting two sets of the images. Does that make sense? I want to turn off the original images also showing up in the reply of the instructor. I hope that I have  explained this more clearly. Please let me know if I have not and I will try again with screen shots, Many thanks for getting back to me. 

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ok @acorn-arts now I get it, thank you. 

Please see my suggestion below.

1. Create a new Usergroup called e.g. "Teachers" and set correct permissions for this usergroup.  The doc can be found here: https://wpforo.com/docs/root/members/usergroups-and-permissions/

2. Create new forum access called e.g. "Access for teachers"

 2.1. Here you'll need to make sure that the following CAN's are enabled:

  • Can edit replies
  • Can attach file

  2.2 The rest of CAN's can be set as you need.

More info here: https://wpforo.com/docs/root/wpforo-settings/forum-accesses/

3. Edit each forum and set "Access for teachers" access for "Teachers"  Usergroup in Forum Permissions section.

As a result, the students will be able to attach files, then the teachers will download the images, correct those images, then upload the images in the post. Then edit the student's post and delete the attachments or edit the student's post and replace the attachment within the student's post.  

Harvest Crittenden
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Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I have followed your instructions and made the proper changed in the Instructors Access role. Ready for class to open! Could not have done it without you. Much gratitude. 

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