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Cross posting questions

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  • will a forum topic be created if I disable comments in the WordPress back-end for posts?
  • and will it be also link to the forum topic displayed in the post and in the post link to the forum topic?
  • What if I have different categories for posts and different forums?
  • If a topic is created, can I change the forum in which it belongs and the links between post and forum would be still working?
  • how it works if I have more boards. For example forum language English and forum language German

thank you



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Hi @misiak007,

Yes, the topic would be created.

Yes, both the topics and the posts have links which takes the users from the post to the topic or from the topic to the post.

When you create a new post, you can select where should the cross-posted topic be created.
Using the Auto Cross Posting options, you can set the post categories and Forum categories so if you create a post with that category it would be cross-posted in the set forum.

Yes, you can move the topic from forums with no problem.

You can cross-post the post in both boards or in just one.


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