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[Solved] Error - Incompatible Archive

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Just installed wpForo Advanced Attachments and got error " Incompatible Archive."
I use Amazon s3 to store uploads so not sure if this is why. I anticipate having a least 100 uploads per day so I need to keep this in place.


wo foro plugin error

If you can offer a work around that would be great. 

This should have been a pre sales question but I found it impossible to figure how to get an answer. 

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Hi @louise-birkens,

This is not a plugin error. This is an issue with new version of Wordpress, this will be fixed by WordPress developers soon:
Solution 1 (unzip and zip it again)
Please unzip the plugin zip file and zip using your zipping software and upload the new zip file in Dashboard > Plugins admin page, this zipping may be compatible with your servers unzipping tools. So we recommend don't use MacOS compression function. If you don't have Windows or Ubuntu PC you can upload the plugin folder manually or use MacOS command:
zip -r my-plugin/
Solution 2 (unzip and upload folder to server)
Please unzip the zip file of the addon and upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory using FileZilla FTP client or some File Manager Plugin. Once the unzipped folder of your addon is is uploaded to the server, you can find it in the Dashboard > Plugins admin page and activate.
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Thanks so much for that. I run an iMac and I had zipped it with the Mac compression function as it unzipped on download. I used your solution 2 using a file manager plugin and was able to activate it. I also love that previous images uploaded to the forum which were previously attachments have automatically been inserted. I appreciate your help. 

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