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problem in differentiate between users with same ip

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we have a wordpress site with wpdiscuz plugin for comments.


We don't have login system in our website and due to its complicities and difficulties, we do not intent to have a login system for comments.

If two different users, comment on our website, using the same modem (same house/Office), their comments are submitted with the same ip address and it is a problem that we are facing.

When one of them leaves a comment with their own name and email address, the fields are automatically completed for the next person with the wrong information with same ip. (The second user is even authorized to view and edit first user comments.)

How can I solve this?
I think this plugin shouldn't differentiate between users with ip, and should use sessions instead.

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Hi @se8820726,

Please navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Settings > General admin page, enable the "Use guest email to detect registered account" option and check again.

More info here:

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