Order of words for Datediff in french  


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02/12/2019 1:23 am  


Order of words for strings like "3 days ago" differs for some langages like french where we have "il y a 3 jours". 

Phrases page or locotranslate can't help with that.

I was able to override that for my personal case but I think it could be nice to have another way of translating this string, maybe with a var like "%s ago" so that we could do "il y a %s" in french

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Hi @charlie,

I'm sorry, but wpDiscuz doesn't have such a feature yet.

However, the feature will be added in the next version release.

For now, please follow the steps to get it resolved.

1. Below is the archived folder, please download the folder.

2. In the folder, you'll see the class.WpdiscuzHelper.php file.

3. Replace the file class.WpdiscuzHelper.php in the wp-content/plugins/wpdiscuz/utils/ directory with the file I've provided.