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Not supporting RTL

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Menny Atia
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I have installed wpdiscuz and also added all the premium addons. All is working fine however, my site is in hebrew. The site language is already changed to hebrew but wpdiscuz is not right aligned also the texts are in English. Any sugesstions to fix this. I also changed the language code from comments> settings > form > language

Here's a post link:

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Hi @menny-atia,

You should translate all front-end phrases as well. wpDiscuz phrase system allows you to translate those phrases. 
Another way to translate those phrases use the wpdiscuz.pot file, that contains all of the English text. You can find this language file inside the plugin folder in /wpdiscuz/languages/ directory. The wpdiscuz.pot file can be imported into PoEdit to translate.

More info on how to translate the plugin you can find here:

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