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[Solved] configuring wpDiscuz on multiple posts on the same WP site  


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06/02/2019 9:21 pm  

There are 5 separate posts on a single WP site, which also has 13 other pages of content.  Am configuring wpDiscuz successfully on one post.  Where do I find the settings for enabling wpDiscuz on the remaining 4 posts, please? 

Support Team Admin
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07/02/2019 4:18 pm  

Hi @gmoore70,

Please navigate to Dashboard > Comments > Forms, edit the Default Form make sure it's enabled for post types, save it then do Ctrl+F5 on front-end.

wpDiscuz custom post type settings
Also please check the points mentioned in this post: 

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09/02/2019 2:30 am  

Hello @ Astghik,

Thank you for responding. Your instructions worked perfectly. Here are a few clarifications for other readers.  The "number" of the post is displayed in the URL when you have navigated to the post, easy to spot.  With regard to "ctrl-F5", I use the public version of W3 Total Cache, and found it useful to "purge all".  This last became important when I exercised all the form alternatives.  Thanks again, Astghik.  

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