414 Request-URI Too...

414 Request-URI Too Long  


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04/01/2019 4:19 pm  


when we try to share the link vkonkate.ru - we get an error 414 Request-URI Too Long You can check here:


Maybe there is some way to make links by ID number?

I attach the screenshot of the error below.

 экрана 2019 01 04 15 18 51

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05/01/2019 9:39 am  

Yes, that's correct. The share URL was tested on latin chars, but I see it also includes non-latin multi-bit chars so it pass the limits.  We'll fix this in next version release, this is a post specific issue, it may work for  other share URLs without any problem.

If you need to fix this urgently please use Plugin File Editor ( Dashboard > Plugins > Edit ), or some File Manager. Open this file: /wp-content/plugins/wpforo/wpf-includes/class-api.php

Find this line:

$text = urlencode( wpforo_text( strip_shortcodes( strip_tags($text) ), 1000, false) );

Replace to this:

$text = urlencode( wpforo_text( strip_shortcodes( strip_tags($text) ), 200, false) );