Error Some of field value is invalid  


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29/11/2017 10:36 am  


My page is faulty when using wpdiscuz, I tried to clear the cache and turn off the plugins but still the error is that Some of the field value is invalid. Since the administrator name and the write log are showing log in I have clicked logout but failed

Please support me

Screenshot 2017 11 29 13.35.39

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30/11/2017 12:41 am  

This problem comes from other plugins. Some plugin adds some hidden field in Comment Form using form hooks. This plugin expect submitted data but wpDiscuz doesn't support it and it doesn't send that data so you get such error. Please deactivate all plugins (Antispam, Security, Captcha, Comment plugins, etc..) and test it again. This problem is not wpDiscuz core problem so it can't be fixed from wpDiscuz side.


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