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Member Order in Drop Down Changes

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Hi guys, it is easier for me to copy the post from one of my users to make this easier to understand: 

"on mobile I can click on the @ symbol after the dialogue box appears and type a second letter and repeat for a third and fourth but the predictive typing isn’t producing the results I’d expect.  For philmebowls I had to type “phil” before his name appeared in the list at all. Not sure if this plugin blocks the user’s name from the list but typing “monkeydo” still didn’t put my user name in the list at all. Just noticing the behavior makes me think it starts with the older members first and looks for the search string anywhere in the name so if I type “m” after the  @m this pops up

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I wouldn’t think Canna Educator would show up but because they are member #2, just behind Macky, and m appears in the words “forum member”, they show up in the search. Is there a way to make it focus on the letters more in order of how you enter them?? "

What can I do about this? 

I saw someone with a similar issue, and it was apparently fixed in a previous version but I still seem to have this trouble. 

It would be great if we could order these names by last online. Then we would be seeing members who haven't been online in two years in the list.

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Hi  @percysgrowroom 

Okay, thank you for the reports. We have collected the feedback in our to-do list, and in the next releases, the Addon will be further improved.

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