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A few options would be fine

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Just a wish, not urgent.

A few options for this plugin would be great.

  • What to show in the list (name, @username, usergroup, …)
  • max. number of entries to show
  • optionally a "load more" link
  • timings (how long to wait after a keystroke, before the list is refreshed)

The last part is the most critical in my opinion, since webserver response times are very different. On a fast server, the refresh can follow almost instantly and it will feel good. On a slower server it can sometimes be a good idea to wait up to 1 second before loading the list.

So for example: After typing the 1st letter, wait 500 ms before loading the list. If meanwhile another letter is typed, cancel this upcoming request and reset the 500 ms timer for the new request with 2 letters. And so on.

Having some options here can reduce the "jumpy" feeling and flickering of the list a lot.

Same for the "disappearing and reappearing" of the list between keystrokes. It would be better imho to leave the list as it is, until the next data arrives – then replace the items.

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Hi  @bert-kosler 

Thank you for suggestions.

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