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[Solved] Bulk import meta data into custom fields?

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Arien Freymuth
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Hi there,

I've got an internal company website with LearnDash (an LMS) installed and we've added wpForo as a forum for the community. We are about to bulk import around 900 users using a bulk import tool meant for the LMS (Uncanny Owl Toolkit), which also lets us set meta data for users in the csv by adding the appropriate column header. 

Are the custom fields associated with this this add-on stored in the usermeta table? I'd like to be able to bulk import users with their data, like company name, phone number, location, etc. and have it populate into the forum user profiles so we have access to it at the site level, but can also leverage it as searchable filters through the member directory. 

Is there any hope here? If not, is there any way to bulk set Custom Fields within wpForo? I wouldn't mind creating a separate spreadsheet or something with different parameters as it would still be faster and more reliable than telling users to fill in their data themselves.

Let me know what would and wouldn't work. This has the potential to be a great internal collaboration and networking tool if we can set these users' data.


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Hi @arien-freymuth,

wpForo can synchronize new users and create user profiles for forums automatically if you click the [Synchronize Profiles] buttons in Dashboard  >Forums > Dashboard admin page.

But it'll not insert custom fields in wpForo User Custom Fields addon. All data of this addon are stored in wp_wpforo_profiles table "fields" field as a serialized array.

Posted by: @arien-freymuth

Is there any hope here? If not, is there any way to bulk set Custom Fields within wpForo?

I'm sorry, but we don't provide any support for this and there is no any way to do this without custom codding. You should find some developer for such a job 

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