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Restrict access attachment link for non member

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Dear All,

Good day...

Is it possible to make attachment link is only work for logged in member and only for member with grant access to download the attachments Using wpForo Advanced Attachments Addons?

My problem is when i try to copy the attachment link and paste it to another blank browser the attach file is possible to open and downloaded by non/without logged in member.

Thank you.

Warm Regards.


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Hi @dap1d5,

1. You should enable the "Secure Attachments URL" option in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Addons > Attachments Tab.

2. Turn off / disable the "Can view attachments" permission for "Read Only" forum access in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Forum Accesses Tab.

3. Turn off / disable the "Front - Can access to attachments" permission for Guest usergroup  in Dashboard > Forums > Usergroups admin page.


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