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Today, on 01.20.2020 we’re excited to release wpDiscuz 7 Beta 1 into the wild!
The version 7 has been in development since December 2018. About one year of hard work is ready to be tested. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since our last major v5 release, but sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

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Private comment(reply) to public comment(question)  

Kyubeom Kim
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Hi, All.

Can I make a private comment(reply) to public comment(question)?

I would like that people make public comments and I reply as a private comment.

Thank you.


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Hi @kkb8820,

The wpDiscuz Private Comments designed to work in this way. The  [private] button is using to make the whole comments thread private. I.e. only the parent comment can be set as private.  There is no simple way to make private only the reply.

However, the gVectors Team custom development service is ready to help you customize the wpDiscuz plugin and the paid add-ons. Please contact us via sales[at]gvectors.com email address and provide a list of custom features you'd like to add. We'll check and let you know which requirements can be done and how much do they cost.

Johannes Musikant
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@Kyubeom Kim have you managed to achieve what you're looking for?
Unfortunately the salesteam never came back to me on the very same request (set replies to private).

Have you found a better solution/plugin?
I need people to make a public comment and then all replies to this comment need to be private/hidden. Simple task, actually. Haven't found a way, yet.

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Support Team
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Hi @johannes-musikant,

We've noticed that Martin have replied you and contacted to our custom dev team to review your request.


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