Report Notifications Not making it due to the from Address  


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07/01/2019 6:48 pm  

We can see an issue where the notification emails aren't making it to our admin email address which is hosted in gmail / google apps.

After enabling WP mail logging, i can see the email is being sent however I believe its being discarded by google and other providers because of a common issue in the headers

The from email that the notification email is being sent as, is sent from the users email, most systems employ SPF and DMARC etc as a part of their anti spam which would likely flag this. as it would be from the users hotmail or gmail etc.

We need to add an option so emails to be sent will be from the standard wordpress admin email.

If you really wanted to you could implement reply to email header.

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08/01/2019 1:31 am  

Hi @tarik,

Please follow to this support topic and configure your website FROM Email and FROM Name to allow wpDiscuz use them:

At the moment wpDiscuz uses the email set in Dashboard > Settings > General tab.