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[Solved] Wpdiscuz compatibility on special pages  


ryan gao
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08/10/2019 12:20 pm  

Hi  Team 

I have developed a special page on the website, the effects here: https://www.powerbigeek.com/text-functions/, the left side of the page is a list of articles, on the right is the article content, the left click on the title can switch different articles, switch when only the right to update, the list on the left is not refreshed.

The problem with this implementation is that in the comments, if you click on the title on the left and switch pages, the comments are still grouped on the first landing page

Add: if I use wordpress's native comments feature, everything works fine

So the question is what files I need to change if I want to be compatible with the wpdiscuz plugin on this page?

Thanks! Hope you can understand Nerd  

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08/10/2019 4:54 pm  

Hi @superhawk,

We've checked your website, and don't find such an issue.
Please record some video of the issue.

ryan gao
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09/10/2019 10:52 am  


Thanks for your reply,I tried to modify  wpidscuz/assets/js/wpdiscuz.js  , The problem seems to have been solved

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