Cpmpatability issue with reviews plugin  



Hi Folks.

I was using the woodiscuz plugin without hiccup, but we decided to change our review plugin. It seems though that now when you add a comment in either the review system or the discuz tab they appear on both.


I suspect this is because they both use the comment type comment. Could this be fixed somehow?

I want to use woodiscuz for comments and questions, and use reviews for reviews.

Here's a screenshot, still facing the same issue.

2018 10 18 11 14 32 Blue Cameron’s Casual Sheep Costume Pullover – DogOnline


Hi @paulka777

Could you please let us know the review plugin you're using? 

Thanks for your reply:


However I had the same trouble with another review plugin too.



I wouldn't mind so much if the review did appear there, however the actual comments do not display at all:

2018 10 20 12 16 21 Comments ‹ DogOnline — WordPress

There should be 2 questions/comments and one review.


Hi @paulka777,

The review plugin you're using does not meet the standards of Wordpress. I'm really sorry, but this cannot be solved by WooDiscuz side.