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Plugin not working with WordPress 4.6

Member Customer
Joined: 6 years ago
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1. Whenever I try and save changes to the settings I get an error. "

This site can’t be reached"

The settings screen has #1 selected.

We bought the plugin for display option #5. But when I add the shortcode all that happens is that I see a spinning gear. Nothing ever displays. This is the short-code I got from your plugin page. Again, I cant save the settings page when I try and select and save that option.

wcslider type="5" catid="0" title_length="100" description_length="300" pager="1" controls="1" autoslide="1" speed="500" 

What is the problem?




Support Team Admin
Joined: 7 years ago
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Hi Richard,

could you please send admin login details to support[at] email address? We'll check and fix within 12-24 hours.

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