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Add "title" description to the icons  

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is it possible to add a "title" element to the icons of the media uploader? (and the mentioning plugin as well) The description should be set in the Backend-Options of the Plugin. I think this is useful for some users to understand, what the buttons are used for. I've tried a quick editing to provide you a Screenshot:


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Hi @spontis,

Please try the following js codes: 

/* add a title for upload image button */

jQuery('.wmu-icon-image').prop('title', 'your title');

/* add a title for upload video button */

jQuery('.wmu-icon-video').prop('title', 'your title');

/* add a title for upload file button */

jQuery('.wmu-icon-file').prop('title', 'your title');

/* add a title for mentioning button */

jQuery('.wpdc_at').prop('title', 'your title');

The codes should be added in active theme's js files. 

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