Wpdiscuz form sometimes don't show on post and sometimes submit button doesn't show.  


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21/05/2019 6:48 am  

I am having trouble with wpdiscuz comment form on my website posts. Sometimes forms don't appear and sometimes more pain is only comment text box appears and submit button don't. Some times even submit button don't react. Please help me sort out the problem.

I have already updated browser and tried in multiple browsers and on multiple platform. 

I am sharing a link where you can find a problem on site. Click here.




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21/05/2019 10:40 am  

Hi @pandulipi,

I see js errors on your websites. Those js errors don't allow the wpDiscuz functions to work properly. 

Please deactivate the plugins one by one and check after each deactivation to find the problem maker one. It also can be the theme's issue. Please check with some default theme.  

js errors